Building Readers in Europe. Flip&Movie Told to the Town

Building Readers in Europe. Flip&Movie Told to the Town


Building Readers in Europe

Flip&Movie told to the town

Palace of Province – Tinozzi Room
Monday, 9th May 2016 – 4.00 pm



Marco Alessandrini
Major of Pescara

Federica Chiavaroli
State Undersecretary to Ministry of Justice

Luciano D’Alfonso
President of Abruzzo Region

Antonio Di Marco
Province President of Pescara


Annarita Bini
Headmistress of I.C. Pescara 8 (Coordinator of the Project)

Alessandro Fusacchia
Head of Cabinet “MIUR”
“The European dimension of “Buona Scuola”

Francesco Barni e Stefano Bindi
Experts of the National Agency Erasmus+ Indire – Firenze
“The partnerships of Erasmus+ Programme”

Ilaria Filograsso
Professor of children literature – University of Chieti-Pescara
“Building new readers: a pedagogical challenge of Community”

The Voice of Protagonists:

Students “The experience in an European class”

Teachers “Involved in the experience: training and exchanging of good practices at international level”

Parents “Emotions and expectations for a training of quality”

Greetings from the partner countries: Croatia, Latvia, Slovakia and Spain
The journalist Mila Cantagallo coordinates the conference

Conference Poster (download pdf)


Conference leaflet (download pdf)

invito_esterno_inglese invito_interno_inglese

Conference photogallery

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