Croatian Team: Workshop “Let’s play!”

Croatian Team: Workshop “Let’s play!”

Workshop: “Let’s play!”
Time: 16 th June 2016
Place: kindergarten “Pinnochio”
Present:kindergarten children at the age of 6

On 16th June 2016, we visited Italian kindergarten “Pinnochio” in Zadar. Children aged 6 who attend the kindergarten, were playing with puzzles made by 6th graders from Elementary School Bartul Kašić Zadar. Puzzles were made as parts of activities within the project “Flip&Movie” and based on the stories written by children involved in the project.

Kindergarten children tried to guess the meaning of the puzzles as well as the meaning of the project logo. They found it very interesting. They talked about their favourite fairytales which they read in Croatian and in Italian language as well.

The workshop was held by Doris Kožul Car who teaches Italian language in Elementary School Bartul Kašić Zadar.

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