1st Short term Joint Staff Training in Croatia

Monday, 23rd November



DSC_3672On the first day of our Short-term joint staff training event we were kindly welcomed by the host Croatian team. The coordinator of Croatian team Ksenija Vidmar-Ninčevič summed up the programme of this meeting.

All the teams had a presentation where they introduced their country and school.

Spain and Latvia also presented their school activities so far in the project.







  • made a video with the topic Raise your voice,
  • organised a workshop for teachers involved in the project about expressing reading. Their trainer was José Carlos Carmona – university professor,
  • teachers practised expressive reading with their students,
  • the second workshop was called “Connecting to your territory”.


  • English teachers attended a conference with the title “English Learning and Teaching For Life”. Two of them held workshops there:
    1. The Jigsaw teaching strategy,
    2. Storytelling with students.
  • We received some printed materials from this conference.


Discussion about logos:

  • the Croatian team presented a presentation that they prepared for their children about the principles of designing a logo,
  • countries showed the five best logos made by their students,
  • we agreed that the Italian team will create a website for each country and next week children will vote for the logos of other countries.


The project delegations visited Ksenija Vidmar-Ninčevič’s English class where she introduced some teaching methods.


Tuesday, 24th November 2015

Morning: all the components of each delegation went and visited the small town of Nin,30 km far from Zadar. During the trip the Erasmus group visited the ancient side of Nin with a tourist  guide:the smallest cathedral,the archeological museum,several important monuments for example the Roman house and a Roman styled column. An other important visited place was the Salt Museum where an expert explained the different phases of salt production with  historical information. At one o’clock there was the lunch at Aenona restaurant in Nin and free time until a quarter to two.

Then the group went to school in order to work about demonstrations, workshops, debating, discussing on creative writing. First of all we decided that :

  1. the period to vote will last three days next week and it will start when the online systempool will be ready and the Italian delegation will contact the other partner countries to express their vote.
  2. Croatian delegation referred its experience on a University seminar about creative writing and they have stressed good practices to use with pupils.

Slovakian delegation showed its work on creative reading and writing through power point and videos:theoretical principles, techniques and innovative methodologies (INSERT method, cinquain,mind map and drama) meeting with a University professor in order to deep the innovative method on creative reading and writing;experiences in situation in order to motivate pupils; video about experiences lived in Slovakian school.

The Italian delegation showed the didactic paths for creative reading, explaining the theoretical principles for each level of school and several power point on “Libriamoci” event that took place during the last week of October.This event involves all Italian schools with projects on reading. Then Italian team explained the topics discussed  with a University professor,expert in childhood literature moreover by showing a power point in which there was a summary of the most important phases of the debate.

The Spanish delegation showed again the presentation about their school to better focus the different kind of expressive reading by the use of voice, facial expressions, posture, feelings and so on discussed with an expert.Then it  showed a video with their pupils on rights of childhood and adolescence.

After a discussion about these themes among the delegations the meeting ended at 5.30 p.m.

Wednesday, 25th November

Bus to school at 8:00 and start working. Croatian delegation provides us copies about croatian writer Ivana Brlic´s biography. We listened a Ivana´s tale (Peter´s story) and worked to finis the story (Story telling). “How do you image the end of the story?” We read the results.

Senija asks us to translate the endings to our mother language and send them to her before friday to collect and to compare with her student’s endings.

11.00 We visited a Technology class. We saw students working with plastic and other materials and different tools.

11.20 Italian dellegation show us a video about Childhood and Adolescence International Day celebration.

12:00 bus to the city center and visit to the archeological museum and St Donat Church.

14:30 We visited Museum of acient glass.

Thursday, 26th November 2015

  1. At this meeting the video “Workshop on CreativeWriting, Erasmus + KA2” was presented.
  2. The partners agreed about the future tasks on creative writing:

Task 1. Each country has to send each other a short story written by a national writer translated into English (next week).

Task 2. The students should write the ending of “Peter’s story” (by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić) and send it to the Croatian team till 18 th December (5 works in English and also in the national language).

The possible exercises to do with stories sent to each other from all participating countries until April:

  • to write the ending of the story (about 100 words)
  • to draw the end of the story (a set of 7 pictures)
  • to give the students the keywords or main points for writing the story.
  1. The delegation from Spain prepared a presentation about future meeting in April. They showed two possible hotels to choose from. The decisions about accomodation should be sent to the Spanish team next week (and number and gender of students coming to Spain). It was decided that the Spanish delegation would send their tasks for students to prepare for visiting Spain until 14 th December.

4. Before the end of the Thursday’s meeting journalists came to visit the Erasmus+ team and interviewed the Croatian team.

Friday 27th November

Taxi bus arrived to our School at  9 a.m.

The main focus was concirned over the Spanish events in April: 3-9 April 1st mobility with students and the 2nd Short Staff Seminar.

Spanish delegation had a short pptx presentation of their hometown Palomares del Rio .

Then, there were two hotels presented to all delegations ( with online links), two possible locations to stay.

The first one was located in urban zone, the second one was isolated, but a great possibility for children to relax as the hotel was placed in natural surrounding.

Short coffee break in the middle pof the morning.

Discussion started. After  a short debating/ sharing of opinion, it was decided that the safer and more relaxing area would be the second option.

The pupils will be placed in apartments ( 5 in each one: two rooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen).

The prices in both of suggessted hotel were almost the same.

Finally, we had the closure when the Croatian host recap all the events realised during 5 working days spent in Zadar.

All the delegations left at midday back to the downtown.  The Meeting was successfuly closed.