2nd Transnational Meeting Košice – Slovacchia

Report 2° Transnational Meeting

Košice – Slovacchia

16th – 20th May 2016


16th May

All delegations were welcomed by the Slovakian hosts at their school. All of the students with their teachers gathered in front of the school. Some Slovakian students sang their folk songs and showed  their traditional customs.


image2After presenting the programme of the week, delegations had guided tour around school and visited some classes. Kindergarten children prepared special programme in which they showed their English learning skills.


image4image5After having lunch at the school canteen, delegations were welcomed at the City Hall where the Vice-Mayor spoke about the history of Košice. She also introduced the priorities in further development of the city. Each delegation presented some aspects of the project as well as some facts about their countries and cities. All participants signed into Visitor’s Book and received presents from the vice-mayor.



All delegations visited the centre of Košice where the tourist guide explained the most important historical facts about the city.

image10image9In the evening all the teachers gathered at the hotel restaurant for welcoming dinner.


17th May

At the beginning of the meeting, the Italian delegation presented the material used for the conference on 9th May, where the teachers and the headmistress presented the project to the town. The title of the conference was: „Building new readers in Europe“.

After that all delegations showed their presentations about the implementation of „Flip&Movie“ project to the community.

The coordinator of the project, Annarita Bini, informed the other partners of using the common website of the project moderated by the deputy of the Headmistress, Mr. Giovanni Caffio. It was also underlined that each partner should use local project website as well.


Delegations agreed to use e-Twinning platform in order to spread the project.

image13 image14

The coordinator asked some questions about three main issues. Firstly on team work. Secondly, on ways of preparing pupils for mobility. Thirdly, on the criteria used for choosing teachers for mobility. The coordinator delegation asked the partners to send information about pupils involved in the mobility. Croatian delegation proposed a format to fill in.

After having lunch at the school, delegations had some free time in the afternoon.

image15 image16

image17image18 image19

18th May

On Wednesday as scheduled all delegations went to Betliar by bus to visit a famous castle that belonged to Andrassy family. Delegations heard about history and life of this family.


image21 image22

Inside the castle there  is  a very interesting library with more than 1500 books.

image23 image24

After visiting the castle the teachers walked along the park nearby.


Since Slovakia is the country with more than 5000 caves, the host decided to show to the partners one of the most interesting cave: Ochtina Aragonite. It is made of aragonite crystals, as it was explained by the professional guide.

image26 image27

After that the participants of the project went for a lunch in the city of Rožnava where they had typical Slovakian dish.

image28 image29 image30

19th May

At the beginning of the meeting Slovakian team held the workshop on dissemination. At first the host offered some relaxation activities in order to follow the next activitities within the workshop. Delegations were set the task to make the front page of the book collections as a mean of advertising. All delegations presented their work.

image31 image32

Every team chose photos for designing magnets by the Slovakian team.


After that the coordinator summarized the work that has been done so far and stressed the aspects of completing the  first output of the project.

Croatian delegation presented the form of the second output. Delegations agreed to create an educational game to be made in digital form. It was decided that each country will contribute with several  national stories. Each story consists of a set of characters, settings, plots and endings.

image34 image35

After the meeting at school, all delegations were welcomed by parents, pupils and the mayor of Tahanovce in the House of Culture. After pupils had presented their program, the host welcomed all the partners in front of the parents and the mayor. For the sake of dissemination videos about each country were shown to the audience. The pupils participated in those video presentations by performing well known national songs of every partner.

image36 image37

The day was concluded with the farewell dinner. All delegations said goodbye with the promise to see each other in September in Latvia.

image38 image39

image40 image41 image42

20th May

On the last day of the meeting the delegations discussed about the meeting in Latvia in September, in order to develop and clarify the main aspects. At first they defined the precise date of the meeting that will take place from 25th September to 30th September 2016. Delegations agreed about the main topics of the following meeting:

  1. Calendar of the second year of the project
  2. Outputs
  3. Format and collaboration among partners
  4. Dissemination
  5. Preliminary information about the mobility in Pescara in October

Discussion continued to clarify the precise date of the mobility in Pescara that will be from 24th October to 28th October 2016. The coordinator also wanted to know the exact number of pupils and teachers involved in this mobility.


C4: Short term exchanges of groups of pupils +

C5: Short term joint staff training event


ITALY: 24th – 28th OCTOBER 2016

Countries C4:


CROATIA 15 pupils +

2 teachers

15 pupils +

3 teachers

3 3
LATVIA 5 pupils +

1 teacher

6 pupils +

1 teacher

3 3
SLOVAKIA 5 pupils +

1 teacher

6 pupils +

1 teacher

3 3
SPAIN 5 pupils +

1 teacher

12 pupils +

1 teacher

3 3
Tot pupils 30 39
Tot teachers 5 6 12 12
TOT participants 35  45
TOTAL NUMBER 35 + 12 = 47 45 + 12 = 57


Then the delegations said goodbye till the next meeting in Latvia.