Be Happy 2 Read & Write

BE HAPPY 2 READ & WRITE kit, the product of the cooperative work of the European partners of the Erasmus Plus “Flip & Movie” Project, wants to provide a flexible, and certainly not exhaustive, repertoire of material for theoretical deepening and innovative teaching strategies that can be used by teachers of all schooling cycles. So the teachers can compare their daily work in class with the objectives and the findings in the teaching of reading and writing: the consolidation of the motivation, the premature development and the progressive refinement of the competences of comprehension and interpretation, the activation of a stimulating pedagogical climate, the valorization of the links among the languages, the constructive comparison with the possibilities offered by digital technologies. Therefore the repertoire proposes, after a suitable introduction on the emerging issues from the European debate and on pedagogical peculiarities favoured in the experience of the schools involved, an operative section made up of clear and synthetic cards concerning individual activities on the basis of some essential quality indicators: the integration of an analogic and digital language, the cooperative dimension of paths, the interdisciplinarity, the inclusive value of the activities, the generative relation between reading and writing, the use of several textual appliances and original media supports. Some of the most interesting didactic proposals are accompanied by video-tutorials not only with the purpose to describe clearly articulation and organization, but also to highlight the transferability of the strategies and creative processes.

Be happy 2.IT

Download the e-book (Italian) (24.3 mb)

Be happy 2.EN

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Be happy 2.libro

Download the e-book (Italian-English) (16.2 mb)


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