“Flip&Movie” Logo Competition

In the project various activities are foreseen between which the logo creation that shoud be both representative and communicative of project purpose and characterizes it from the graphic point of view through an original and attractive solution.

Competition Rules

a. Logo characteristics

Logo should be an easy symbol to understand and should evoke Erasmus Project “Flip&Movie”.

Logo shall respect the following requirements:

  • It shall interpret Erasmus Project “Flip&Movie” spirit, be original and it shall not propose again pre-existing logos of other projects or public and private institutions.
  • It shall be possible to be enlarged or reduced  without losing quality and communicative efficacy.
  • It shall be designed respecting the maximum reproducibility on different media: stamp, cards, invitations, letterhead and headed paper, posters, brochures, web site, t-shirts, gadgets and other advertising materials.
  • It will include “Flip&Movie” denomination.

b. Participants

All middle school pupils may enter the competition. Every student may present a single product.

c. Products

Products can be realized by hands or in a digital way.In both cases it is necessary to present the logo in both paper copy and digital formats. The size of products realized by hands shall be 100 square centimeters(ex square 10×10 cm,rectangle 12.5×8 and so on). The weight of digital products shall not be upper than 1 mb). In order to be used as written in the previous point, it is appropriate that drawings:

  1. must have proper thickness lines;
  2. must be constituted by readable elements even after the reduction;
  3. must be realized by using not excessively complex forms and then hardly readable.

d. Delivery

The products delivery shall be up 18th November as detailed below:

  • products by hands:product delivery to Art professor of the class and send it scanned (max 1 mb) to e-mail address;
  • digital products: file delivery (max 1 mb)to school e-mail address and delivery of the copy of logo in A4 paper to Art professor of the class

e. Products choice

Among all products received on 18th November only 5 shall be choosen that will participate to final selection for choosing the logo,together with 5 products presented by each partner school in Spain, Croatia, Slovakia, Latvia that there will be from 23rd to 27th November 2015 by voting.

5 finalist logos of Istituto Comprensivo 8 will be choosen by the vote to which all the pupils,all the teachers and all the staff ATA of Institute can take part on from 19th to 20th November 2015.

The vote wiil be in Tinozzi school’s hall where all the presented logos corresponding to characteristics indicated in the point a. will be displayed


The logo must be created only for this competition.After the delivery of the product Istituto Comprensivo 8 become the sole owner and acquire all the rights of reproduction and publication,without space and time limitations.The choosen product as official logo of the project can be a little bit modified.

The use of the logo will be of exclusive property of Flip&Movie partnership that reserves, furthermore, to make it public, making esplicit mention the author’s name.

25 Finalist

Logo Competition Winner

After the polls in each school, the winner logo, with 60 votes, was the 04 from Latvia:


The logo was then vectorialized to be readable even after reduction