4th Transnational Meeting Pescara – Italy

4th Transnational Meeting Pescara – Italy

22nd– 26th MAY


Monday, 22nd May 2017

On Monday 22 May all delegations were warmly greeted in Tinozzi School of Pescara in sunny Italy. The Headmistress of the school Mrs Bini held an inspiring speech welcoming the participants of the project in her home school.

During this day the programme of the 4th Transnational meeting was thoroughly discussed. First of all the headmistress in detail introduced the programme of the 1st Dissemination Event at the University of Chieti,

International Seminar “Building up Readers in Europe: Flip Stories & Share Movies”. After that the Multiplier event and Concert at Circus theatre were also presented and studied. Annarita Bini attracted special attention to the dress code of the guests for the incoming significant events.

Later all organizational moments of the following week were taken into consideration. For the newcomers a tour around the school was offered.

At the end of the day all participants continued talking in a very informal way enjoying tasty homemade cookies and pies prepared by the hospitable staff of the school.

Tuesday, 23rd May 2017

The first part of the Italian Multiplier Event of the project took place at the University of Chieti at 15:30 pm.


A group of lecturers talked about different aspects of learning and reading, led by the Professor Illaria Filograsso and the headmistress of the Istituto Comprensivo, Annarita Bini.


The lecturers of this event were:

  • Ilaria Filograsso talking about new aspects in the teaching of reading in the European context.
  • Annarita Bini explaining the European project for cooperation and education: Flip&Movie
  • Mercedes Arriaga dealing with: Girls, adolescents and women readers.
  • Marnie Campagnaro explaining Bruno Munari’s educative proposal.
  • Iris Smidt Pelajic talking about Drama Education at Croatian Schools.
  • Andrea Lombardinilo pointing out the imaginary of writing, from books to e-books
  • Rosa Nardone talking about the intersections between literature and videogames for children and adolescents.




Wednesday, 24th May 2017

All members of the delegations arrived at the Circus Theatre in Pescara, Italy for a Multiplier Event and a concert with the title “Building up Readers in Europe/Flip Stories & Share Movies” that started at 17:00. The event started with greetings of local authorities.


They were followed by four contributions.

The first contribution was presented by Annarita Bini from Istituto Comprensivo Pescara 8. She informed about the Results of the European project Flip&Movie.

The second contribution was presented by Ilaria Filograsso from the University d’Annunzio di Chieti-Pescara. She had a speech about the first output of the project – Training Kit “Be Happy 2 Read & Write”.


The third contribution was done by Lana Kulisic from Bartula Kasica School in Zadar. She presented the second output of the project named “StoryInventor”.


The fourth contribution was presented by Sara Pagliai from Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ in Italy. She described the importance of the Erasmus+ program and the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ in Florence in her presentation called Erasmus for the Future of Europe.

A video “Europe Inside” created by Literature, English and Kindergarten teachers and pupils was shown. It told the story of Flip&Movie project.

We enjoyed a concert performed by Tinozzi Youth Orchestra and Aulos Ensemble Choir in cooperation with two famous musicians Dario Ricchizzi tenor and Maurizio Di Fulvio guitarist.



Representatives/headmasters of the partners’ schools received memorial plaque from the Italian coordinator as a symbol of good cooperation.


Finally Annarita Bini thanked to all people who collaborated in the organisation of this multiplier event.

Thursday, 25th May 2017

All delegations met at Tinozzi Media school to discuss the following:

  • Mobility tool – It is agreed that each partner school will send to the coordinator all the materials related to the project activities (description of the activities, videos, photos, posters, leaflets) that should be put on the Valor platform by the coordinator.
  • Multiplier events – Partners presented their plans of activities for the multiplier events which should be done in each partner country. The dates of the multiplier events were also set by each partner’s organization.
  • Output 1 – BE HAPPY 2 READ & WRITE – The coordinators presented the output they were responsible for in collaboration with the other partner countries in the project. The final version of the output is going to be shared with the partners till the 1st of June. It is suggested that each partner should read the didactic andtheoretical repertoire for the education to reading in Europe “Be happy 2 read & write” (O1) before publishing in order to make suggestions or changes. Partners objected the cover of the output that doesn’t contain the names of the partners’ institutions, yet it contains the name of the coordinator Ms. Annarita Bini and professor from Chieti University, Ms. Ilaria Filograsso.
  • Summing up the results of the project – the coordinator country, Italy, handed out the questionnaire for each member of the partners’ delegations. The questionnaire was referred to the overall evaluation of the project. After the Questionnaire has been filled in, the results were shared among the members of the meeting. The overall conclusion was made by pointing out the most positive and some negative points of the project.
  • Croatian delegation handed out tutorials of the 2^ output “STORYINVENTOR” together with the passwords and secret words necessary for each organization to use the educational game online.

After the meeting in school the coordinator organized farewell dinner in order to say goodbye to the partners and to finish the meeting in a friendly and relaxed way.




Friday, 26th May 2017

On Friday May 26 the delegations gathered together at the conference room of the school to summarize the results of the 4th Transnational meeting and the project.

The headmistress Annarita Bini held an official speech, expressing her gratitude to the partners for their contribution into the project, emphasizing that every partner had a proper task and their own style, “Each of us has a background and can give what he or she can give. To mix the differences is the way to improve. The positive aspect of the project is multiculturalism and crossing the borders.” She thanked all teams for kind atmosphere, sharing habits and traditions. The team coordinators agreed that there had not been any problems in understanding and achieving the aims of the common work.

In conclusion, all the participants received their certificates, confirming their input into the project.