2nd Short term Joint Staff Training – Spain

2nd Teachers‘ Training Meeting
Palomares del Río, Spain
4th – 8th April 2016



Monday, 4th April 2016

During the first day of the 2nd Teachers‘ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río all delegations were welcomed in the school gym of IES Palomares. The Spanish authorities said “Hello” to all partner schools. Students from the Spanish school welcomed the guests and presented videos made by students from other countries. Then the teachers met in the staff room, where a Spanish teacher introduced the weekly program in a detailed way. Later the group of teachers had a tour around the school and they appreciated it very much. After that every team as scheduled presented its work about drama. The presentations contained these issues: Drama in education system; Classify different aims according to the level of students; How you work dramatization; How you work scenery; How you show your plays. All presentations were about theoretical and practical dramatization. The delegations shared methodologies and best practices about teaching drama at school. The Spanish presentation introduced how they work on drama at IES Palomares. The Italian presentation was about dramatization in the three levels of education from Kindergarten to Secondary school. The originality of Italian delegation was the attention they gave to Drama in Kindergarten. Dramatization of Croatian team served as the finalization of Peter’s story as an output of the 1st Outcome-Creative writing that is leading to creative interactive role-play. The Latvian presentation concentrated on drama in school curriculum and out-of class activities. The Slovak presentation was about dramatization included in the compulsory Slovak curriculum, best practices and extra-curricular activities. Teachers concluded that approaches of teaching drama are similar in each partner school. In the afternoon all the participants (students and teachers) went to Seville for a cultural activity in Alcázar.

Tuesday, 5th April 2016

On the second day of the 2nd Teachers’ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río, teachers from all participating countries took part in a workshop about expressive storytelling and dramatization. The workshop was held by John Harrop, who is an English teacher – expert in the expressive techniques. He also cooperates with Oxford University Press and McMillan. We started with Warmers: Lining up, Circles, Human Knot … .We continued with Dramatization and Storytelling techniques as for example cooperative storytelling and interactive activities. Activities he proposed had the purpose to involve students and create good relationships in the class. He gave teachers suggestions in order to make lessons more lively and exciting. The workshop lasted from 9:15 to 14:00.

During the dinner socialization took place between all students and teachers.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016

On the third day of the 2nd Teachers’ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río the delegations were received by the mayor of Seville in the Town Hall. He greeted all the partner countries giving them his welcome to Seville. After a guided tour around the Town Hall the partners went to visit the Dramatic Arts School. They took part in the workshops connected to flamenco, then they saw a Moliére play rehearsal acted by the students of the school. Afterwards the participants were involved in a practical class of pedagogy and learnt a lot of techniques of non-verbal communication. In the afternoon the teachers toured around Seville and went to Plaza España with all the students.

Thursday, 7th April 2016

On the fourth day of the 2nd Teachers’ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río teachers participated in a workshop called Expressive Reading with Rocío Galán, who is an actress, teacher of drama and professional clown. After warming-ups teachers rehearsed a short passage from an anti-play The Bold Soprano. They concentrated on voice, volume, intonations, gestures and emotions. During the break teachers got further instruction about the day schedule. Later they left to Seville for an interactive activity named Reading cities “Route of the Senses”. By walking through the city centre of Seville, a group of local university students were leading the teachers to use five senses in a creative and innovative way. They socialized within Tapas lunch and then enjoyed culture and architecture of Seville.

In the evening Farewell Dinner took place with members of all five delegations: children and teachers. The Spanish delegation presented the final video that summarizes the activities for children on their first mobility. The Italian band made up of ten students with their music teacher thanked the Spanish delegation and all participants with songs.


Friday, 8th April 2016

On the fifth day of the 2nd Teachers’ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río teachers visited a Primary school in the other part of the town. They saw an English lesson in the fifth class, a Spanish lesson in the first class and met children in the Kindergarten. Later teachers walked to IES Palomares, where they discussed the following issues: Transnational Meeting in Slovakia about project dissemination and Intermediate Report requested by national agencies in each country. The teachers agreed on the program in Slovakia (presentation about dissemination in each country, 3-4 minutes video about country and school, presentation that summarizes all project activities up to now – optional, the Italian coordinator would inform all the partners about requirements from national agencies about dissemination).

Latvia is responsible for the post mobility questionnaire for parents after the meeting in Spain.

Croatia is responsible for the post mobility questionnaire for teachers after the meeting in Spain.

Italy is responsible for the the post mobility questionnaire for students after the meeting in Spain.

Goodbye ceremony was held in the school gym in the presence of the Spanish headmaster, all Spanish students and teachers and students and teachers who took part in the mobility. Words of thanks and appreciation were said by coordinators of each delegation. The Spanish delegation presented the final video that summarizes the activities for children on their first mobility. Their second mobility will be in Pescara, Italy in October 2016. The second transnational meeting will take place in Košice, Slovakia in May 2016.

The third transnational meeting will be held in Daugavpils, Latvia from the 26th to 30th September, 2016.