Flip&Movie project. Training of the Coordination Group

On 6/7 October 2015, two external experts coming from Soverato (Calabria region) Erika Gerardini and Pietro Curatola organized for us an intensive training as specific moment to start up the project as coordination team composed by the School Director, the administrative staff and the core group of teachers. The eform had been written by a small team between 2014 and 2015 and was successfully financed by the Erasmus Plus Program. The training has been structured as follow: a first session on team building and general sharing of the story of the birth of “FLIP&MOVIE KA2 project”, sharing points of view, expectations, fears and contribution (creation of the expectation tree). Sessions on: 1) project management and monitoring inspired by the “Survival kit to manage European projects”, 2) sharing of the project plan (analysing the Gannt Diagram to be implemented), 3) analysis of the partners and tips for a  successful partners involvement; 4) sharing evaluation and monitoring tools (check of the Erasmus Plus guide for experts evaluators); 5) creation of working teams, sharing specific and transversal competences of all the teachers involved.

The training has been conducted by senior experts using Non Formal Education methods and specific tecnics of the Project Design and management used by European project designers (GOOP method and PCM method).


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Flip&Movie Non Formal Activities

On 24/25 October the expert in European projects and European citizenship, Non Formal education and team building, Erika Gerardini, came again to Pescara in occasion of the learning mobility with 5 delegations of partners composed by teachers and students.
During two days, Mrs Gerardini organized several activities to open the meeting in the gym of the school and make team building, getting to know each other workshops and animation. Delegations just arrived and the first day was strategic to build the best mood to work together all the week. The intervention of Ms Gerardini focused on create a common base of knowledge on the project, on the specific aims of the learning mobility and deepen a topic which should be one of the main important to be developed during Erasmus Plus projects: European Citizenship Education. Taking the opportunity of the long term and solid partnership between the Tinozzi School and the Europaurum/Europe Direct, the second day was organized in this special place, present just in Pescara. The Europaurum has been the perfect location for three activities animated by Non Formal Education, dynamic and also funny especially for students but a good occasion to learn for all. A starting short activity with colorful baloons and music to break the ice, then the so-called “bingo” to better know students life and hobbies/competences and then the long game called “Gymcana”. Young people and teachers were divided into working team and were asked to play a complicated dynamic to discover Europe, its history, the founding fathers and the actual functioning with curiosity of the hymn, the flag, the actual and future members.


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Flipped classroom and EAS

Training on Flipped classroom and EAS (Episodes of Situated Learning) held by the maths teacher at the Middle school Tinozzi of the IC8PE: Bello Simona.

New Media Literacies

Training course about New Media Literacies: an inspiration for new approaches to the classroom practices, held by professor Ilaria Filograsso, of the University of Chieti-Pescara.

La Grande guerra raccontata ai ragazzi/the Great War is told the young people

Dissemination Event: “The Great War”: POSTER of the event on 4th of May 2016 and presentation of the book, “The Great War is told the young people” of the professor Marnie Campagnaro of the University of Padua, by the professor Ilaria Filograsso, of the University “G. D’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara.