Instituto de Educación Secundaria Palomares, Palomares del Río (Spain)

We are a high school in Andalusia, IES Palomares in Palomares del Río, Seville.

Our site is:

And we have a special site for the project Erasmus + KA219 Filp&Movie in which we are taking part.

Also you can find in Facebook Project Flip and Movie Palomares del Río, Seville

We were host country in April ’16 form 4th to 8th

C2 – Spain: 15 teachers took part in a training about expressive reading and drama

C3 – Spain: 30 pupils accompanied by 6 adults; activity: medial laboratory, participation in reading competitions

Some photos about the activities

Welcome day on 4th April ’16
IMG_7141 IMG_7148 IMG_7152


Workshop with John Harrop 

Story Telling activities to encourage our students

IMG_7176 IMG_7188 IMG_7178IMG_7191 IMG_7172






Visit to Drama Scholl Seville 

We had a great experience dancing and learning expressive techniques

IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7269 IMG_7266 IMG_7273






Welcome  “Seville City Hall “







Expressive Reading with Rocío Galán



Sense experiences in Seville

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2016-04-07 13.01.32IMG_7234

2016-04-07 13.56.12






Activities with Palomares del Río Schools

2016-04-08 09.47.30 2016-04-08 09.47.34 IMG_7237 IMG_7245