Transnational Meetings

Four Transnational meetings are planned (2 per year), during which partners can meet, plan activities and share the priorities, construct the logo, design and implement the project web site, monitor the progress of the work, share materials for the production of outputs, introduce the carried out products and evaluate the project in its totality.

  1. Croatia: 19th-23rd October 2015 – 1° Kick-off meeting;
  2. Slovakia: 16th-20th May 2016 – 2nd transnational meeting;
  3. Latvia: 26th-30th September 20163rd transnational meeting;
  4. Italy: May 2017 – 4th transnational meeting.

During the transnational meetings criteria and guidelines of the various phases will be better explained and shared. The first meeting will be attended by the school managers or their delegates, in addition to competent involved teachers. Staff meetings enable the direct knowledge of the other partners, of their educational and training systems, of cultural and economic contexts, of their institutions and organizations.

The team that will participate in the meeting is composed of:

  • a project manager for each country;
  • a teacher for each country;
  • an administrative for each country.