1st exchange of pupils – Spain

Erasmus + KA2 Flip&Movie Project
1st Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils event
Palomares del Rio – Spain
3rd – 9th APRIL 2016



All the delegations were together in the gym of the school IES PALOMARES where the Spanish delegation and authorities welcomed them.

Spanish students showed presentation videos of  Erasmus participating schools.

Delegations exchanged traditional gifts of their own country.

Spanish coordinator showed the weekly programme in a detailed manner.


Teachers visited the school.


Finally they showed  PowerPoint of the work carried out about dramatization techniques in their schools.

In the afternoon teachers and pupils visited  “Real Alcazar” palace, guided by Spanish delegation teachers.



Dramatization lab and  story telling by JOHN HARROP.

Warm up games preparatory to English learning in an entertaining way.

The expert gave us some suggestion to make the activity more pleasant and involving.


An other training activity-game : he used simple educational tools in order to present structures grammatical bases and enrich the vocabulary.


Erasmus team in the Council Chamber where the first Honorary Citizen illustrated the history of the Palace.


Then teachers in the several rooms of the Palace for a guided tour.

Activity in Drama Art school

Labs of :

  • dancing lesson (flamenco);
  • vision of acting activity;
  • theatrical didactic activity.

In the afternoon all the delegations at Plaza de Espana.



Expressive reading with the actress ROCIO GALAN.


The expert gave different suggestion in order to improve interpretative abilities.


During the second part of the morning teachers went to Seville in order to discover the city using the five senses.

In the evening dinner and then greetings.

Friday, 8th April 2016

On the fifth day of the 2nd Teachers’ Training Meeting in Palomares del Río teachers visited a Primary school in the other part of the town.

They saw an English lesson in the fifth class, a Spanish lesson in the first class and met children in the Kindergarten.

Later teachers walked to IES Palomares, where they discussed the following issues: Transnational Meeting in Slovakia about project dissemination and Intermediate Report requested by national agencies in each country.


The teachers agreed on the program in Slovakia (presentation about dissemination in each country, 3-4 minutes video about country and school, presentation that summarizes all project activities up to now – optional, the Italian coordinator would inform all the partners about requirements from national agencies about dissemination).

Latvia is responsible for the post mobility questionnaire for parents after the meeting in Spain.

Croatia is responsible for the post mobility questionnaire for teachers after the meeting in Spain.

Italy is responsible for the the post mobility questionnaire for students after the meeting in Spain.

Goodbye ceremony was held in the school gym in the presence of the Spanish headmaster, all Spanish students and teachers and students and teachers who took part in the mobility. Words of thanks and appreciation were said by coordinators of each delegation. The Spanish delegation presented the final video that summarizes the activities for children on their first mobility. Their second mobility will be in Pescara, Italy in October 2016. The second transnational meeting will take place in Košice, Slovakia in May 2016.

The third transnational meeting will be held in Daugavpils, Latvia from the 26th to 30th September, 2016.