3rd Exchange of pupils – Croatia

3rd Exchange of pupils – Croatia



24th – 28th APRIL 2017

Monday, 24th April

During the first day the delegations met in front of the hotel to visit together the City Library. After the guided tour inside the library there was the Opening ceremony of the event “Zadar čita” that means “Zadar reads“. After there was the exhibition in which the fairy tale called “Stribor’s Forest“ by the croatian writer Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić was represented by a famous Croatian actress Tamara Šoletić and dancers of art school in Zadar.

In the afternoon the participants were welcomed by the host country in Osnovna škola Bartula Kašića for the Official opening ceremony. Important local authorities took part in the ceremony and welcomed the guest delegations. After that each pupil was introduced personally and then videos about project work created by every country up to now were shown. Finally during a short reception there was a great opportunity for all pupils to know each other and to start agood cooperation that represents one of the purposes of the Project Flip&Movie.







Tuesday, 25th April

The second day of the meeting was at school. The pupils of all countries were involved in a “European class game” which enriched the knowledge about their own and partners’ countries.

After a short break they played a “miming game” in which one pupil mimed a part of the story (A Fishy Story) and the international mixed group had to guess the part of the story and write it. It was a “reading/writing activity” within “creative writing”. After that the tutorials of the Story Inventor activity were presented and then after lunch stories were created by using tablets.





Wednesday, 26th April

On the third day of the meeting all delegations went to the Museum of Ancient Glass. Pupils were divided into two groups. One group took part in a workshop, where pupils painted ancient objects, present in the museum, on a small glass board. At the same time the other group had a guided tour in the museum enriched with two exhibitions useful to understand how glass objects are made. Later the two groups changed to live the same experience.



After the visit of the museum there was a short walk tour around the old city of Zadar (Forum, Sea Organ, Greeting of the Sun).

In the afternoon children took part in an educational game called Treasure Hunt of the City of Zadar. Children worked in ten groups. There was one teacher and approximately five children in each group facilitated by two Croatian pupils. By using the map they tried to solve some questions from the game and learn more about the city. At the end of the game two tourist guides explained some facts about the old part of the city and discussed the correct answers from the game. During the game pupils used English actively and appreciated the experience of learning about the city in an interesting and pleasant way.




Thursday, 27th April

All pupils went to school where they followed a tutorial video about the transition from a story to a digital comic. After that pupils tried different tools from the programme Toondoo.


Each delegation visited the City hall where they were welcomed by local authorities responsible for Education in Zadar. The head of the educational department made a short speech about the importance of European projects for the communities. He also encouraged pupils to read more. At the end of the meeting the Italian teacher Mrs. Donzelli on behalf of the Coordinator of the Project, invited the local authorities to come to Italy in order to participate in the Dissemination Event which will take place in Pescara from 22nd to 26th May 2017. They answered in a positive way showing satisfaction for the received invitation.

Later everyone returned to the school hall to take part in Science Day in Bartula Kašića School.


In the afternoon pupils created their digital comics using Toondoo programme working in mixed groups. During this working time Mr. Marin filmed a video in which teachers and pupils from each participating country told opinions and reflections about the opportunity to be a part of this international project.


Farewell dinner in the hotel closed the day in a joyful way.




Friday, 28th April 2017

All participants went to school for the Closing ceremony. Retrospective of work was presented, certificates were handed out and all pupils said goodbye to each other with hope to communicate via ICT. Teachers said goodbye to each other too and are looking forward tomeeting again in Pescara for the last Transnational meeting of the Project.

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